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Early contact and engagement

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To make the greatest impact on study delivery, engage with us from the outset and gain access to free support that provides benefits throughout the full life-cycle of your study.

By working with us early on, you can access our full range of support and create a bespoke service that meets your needs. Our support may involve advice on eligibility for support from our Clinical Research Network, regulatory submissions, attribution of costs, completion of costing templates, exploration of recruitment pathways, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training access and local intelligence to optimise delivery of your study.

Early contact and engagement with us is designed to complement the support already provided by the individual R&D offices for each research site, enabling a collaborative approach that responds to your overall study delivery requirements.

If you require any further assistance, or are unsure where to start, please email the Study Support Service Helpdesk or call us on 0113 343 4555.

Commercial studies

The costing template

The Industry Costing Templates provide a framework for transparent cost display and calculation to support swift local site budget negotiations when performing commercial trials in the NHS.

Find out more about the template and how it can help you.

Get in touch

To discuss how early contact and engagement with us can enhance the delivery of your commercial study in the NHS in England, contact your local Industry Operations Manager. 


Non-commercial studies


Attributing the costs of health and social care Research and Development (AcoRD) provides a framework for the NHS and its partners to identify, recover and attribute the costs of health and social care R&D, in a transparent, and consistent manner. 

Find out more about AcoRD and how it can help you...

Get in touch

To discuss how early contact and engagement with us can enhance the delivery of your non-commercial study in the NHS in England, contact your Local Clinical Research Network