Attributing the costs of health and social care Research and Development (AcoRD)

Access support for your study attribution 

Researchers may require support regarding attribution and the NIHR CRN offers this service through the Early Contact and Engagement aspect of the CRN Study Support Service. We've pulled together a number of resources that can help you understand the principles of AcoRD including our attribution e-learning tool. You can see these resources listed on this page.

Find your AcoRD specialist

NIHR has established a network of AcoRD specialists based in your Local CRN to:

  • Signpost researchers to resources and training to understand the principles of AcoRD
  • Provide specialist advice and support for activity attribution
  • Support resolution of attribution queries

If you need support from an AcoRD specialist in your region on how to correctly identify and attribute these activities, please contact your local CRN representative or get in touch with our Study Support Helpdesk.

Supporting research in the NHS - simplifying research arrangements to improve patient care

NHS England and NIHR have published a joint statement committing to 12 actions to support and apply research in the NHS.

NHS England, Department of Health and Social Care, NIHR, HRA and NHS Improvement recently carried out a public consultation ‘Supporting research in the NHS’ from November 2017 to February 2018. It centred around the first two of the twelve actions: better managing excess treatments costs in non-commercial research, as well as plans to reduce delays and improve commercial clinical research set up and reporting. This focus on simplifying and improving research arrangements, is ultimately intended to improve future health and care for patients.

The consultation gathered views from across the clinical research landscape, which have been captured in the response. Following the publication of the response, there has been a significant amount of work undertaken to address the issues and opportunities identified.

For full details of the new arrangements please visit the ‘Supporting research in the NHS’ main web page.

Resources to help with cost attribution

Resources to help with cost attribution:

AcoRD policy framework (04/05/2012)
Annex A to the AcoRD policy framework - Attributed list of research activities 
Annex B - FAQs to the AcoRD policy framework - England (PDF)
Annex B - FAQs to the AcoRD policy framework - Northern Ireland
Annex B - FAQs to the AcoRD policy framework - Scotland
Annex B - FAQs to the AcoRD policy framework - Wales (link to follow)
AcoRD e-learning tool

Guidance on funding excess treatment costs related to non-commercial research studies