Commercial study costing templates

The Industry Costing Templates provide a framework for transparent cost display and calculation to support swift local site budget negotiations when performing commercial trials in the NHS

Access the latest Industry Costing Templates – October 18/19 version

The excel template required depends on whether you are running a study within primary or secondary care. Use the table below to determine which is the appropriate provider for your study and download from the links at the bottom of this page (please note that the phrase ‘researching’ is intended to also include observational studies). These templates are updated annually and occasionally periodically so please ensure that the correct master version for each new study is used to ensure you have the latest template. 

Please note that there are now only TWO industry costing templates. Medical device and drug product versions have now been combined.

The templates

Primary Care Template

Secondary Care Template

Want to know what has changed from the previous template version?

Review the summary of the annual revisions made to the templates in April each year for the new financial calendar.

Additional amendments made for the above October versions are available here.

Additional Investigation and Intervention Tariff

In order to supplement and assist in the transitional phase between the current costing template and future online versions a larger tariff has been produced including the current line items and additionally other service support areas previously not covered.

If you find that a particular investigation or intervention is not covered within the current costing template arrangements then the Investigation and Intervention tariff should help to provide additional guide prices.

As you will appreciate inclusion of this tariff in its current Excel spreadsheet form would potentially risk increased instability in the module. It has therefore been made available to download as a PDF file for your reference.

You are advised to download this to your destination folder and to use the ‘Ctrl F’ function to search for required items.

NIHR 2018 Investigation and Intervention Tariff 1.1

Need to get your template validated?

The Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) leading on the study (usually where the Chief Investigator site is located) will perform a quick ‘quality check’ or validation of the master study template via the Local CRN Industry team single point of contact.  This validation is required prior to HRA Approval and an application for the portfolio is required before the validation can take place. See what checks are included in the validation here. The final stage is gaining cost approval from each individual NHS organisation.

Including the template costs in the contract?

The recommendation is to use the nationally approved model agreements which remove the requirement for lengthy legal review on a study by study basis, saving valuable time during site set-up. The CRN Costing Group has developed suggested content for the Financial Appendix of the model agreements to support the inclusion of the costing template into this contract.

Need to update the costs in the contract?

The CRN Costing Group has developed suggested content for a change order template for the model agreement.

Understand what income distribution could look like in your NHS organisation by reading the NIHR CRN Income Distribution Model.