Optimising delivery - commercial

If you have already identified potential sites, this service is designed to confirm inclusion onto the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio and complement your own feasibility. You will receive Network assessment of site capability, capacity and performance which is required to ensure the Network can provide the necessary support for successful study delivery.

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  • Use of previous performance metrics and local feasibility data to support the setting of realistic recruitment targets and improve the probability of successful delivery
  • Assessment of whether any of your proposed sites are unable to participate for example, if they are at capacity or if there are conflicting studies

Typical uses

  • “We have already selected our sites but would like to ensure that the proposed recruitment targets are realistic”
  • “Sites have been selected and we would like the study included in the NIHR Portfolio”

Information required

  • Study protocol
  • A list of sites approached and whether they have been formally selected or are still undergoing feasibility
  • A summary of the feasibility done to date
  • Recruitment timelines and proposed UK and site recruitment targets
  • Contact details of the Project Manager or Clinical Research Associate (CRA) in your company who will be liaising with the sites and Local Research Network staff
  • Global status of the study

Timelines and what to expect

Once you have completed the online submit my study form, the timelines are:

Within the same day:

  • An email notification to acknowledge the submission of your information

Within two working days:

  • A call or email back if the Network has any additional questions to ask.

Service timelines after three working days:

  • Site intelligence: Tailored site intelligence information and further recommendations sent to you within 15 working days of submitting your request with the necessary study details to the network.