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Performance monitoring

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Our data system provides unique access to study-wide recruitment data. When combined with the study specific review schedule, it enables a proactive approach for identifying and supporting struggling studies.

While the individual sites are responsible for delivering to their own recruitment targets, we are accountable for delivery of your overall study. Our data systems collate site level information to provide study-wide oversight, which enables proactive performance monitoring and helps sites stay on top of their study performance to deliver on time and meet their recruitment target.

Commercial studies

To find out more about how this service can help commercial studies, please read more about performance monitoring for commercial research

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To discuss how our performance monitoring service can benefit the delivery of commercial studies, contact your local Industry Operations Manager.

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We have a range of guides to help you use the system.


Non-commercial studies

Find out more about why and how we record recruitment data.

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To discuss how our performance monitoring service can benefit the delivery of non-commercial studies, including collaborative research, get in touch with your Local Clinical Research Network.