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Recruitment data

Recruitment is the enrolment of an individual person meeting specific inclusion criteria into a research study.

Each study participant who has both provided informed consent to join a study and is taking part in the study (i.e. participants who count towards the sample size of the study as set out in the study protocol), should be recorded as a participant in the Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS). 

Why collect recruitment data?

Two of the key objectives of our Clinical Research Network (CRN) are to:

  • increase NHS engagement and
  • improve clinical research infrastructure in England

Recruitment data:

  • are used to monitor and improve the work of our CRN
  • are used to demonstrate the success of the CRN by showing the level of recruitment into the NIHR CRN Portfolio studies and the spread of recruitment and level of engagement across the nation
  • feed into the process of allocating funding which ensures that the CRN’s resources are directed effectively for the greatest patient benefit
  • are used to monitor studies to ensure they meet their recruitment targets on time

What data is collected?

Information about each participant who is recruited to a study is collected. Data are anonymised so that individual participants cannot be identified.

Data collected includes:

  • the recruitment site which is where consent is given
  • the recruitment date which is when consent is given
  • whether the participant was registered or randomised (depending on the type of study being conducted)
  • whether the participant was a healthy control or suffering from the disease being studied
  • site specific information allows recruitment to be mapped around the UK, assisting the allocation of funding our Local CRNs.

How is recruitment data collected?

  • Submitting monthly recruitment data is a requirement for all studies included in the NIHR CRN Portfolio. 
  • Data is entered onto the Portfolio using our NIHR Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS). Access CPMS support materials.
  • Non-commercial studies - it is the responsibility of the study team to upload recruitment data on a monthly basis. This is a condition for continued support from the CRN and inclusion in the NIHR CRN Portfolio. Only users listed as Research Activity Coordinators can upload data. 
  • Commercial studies - data is uploaded by the national team on your behalf.