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Site identification

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Our service enables you to gather expressions of interest from all 240+ NHS organisations and 10,000+ General Practices in England. All you need to do is complete a single submission form requiring limited study information to gauge initial interest, following which you can engage directly with interested sites for more in-depth site selection discussions. 

Our national approach to site identification is the only mechanism through which all NHS organisations and General Practices can be notified of the latest research opportunities and express an interest in participating. 

It gives you an up-to-date insight into the most appropriate sites to deliver your study, while minimising the resource you need to identify interested sites for detailed feasibility discussions - all for free.

You'll find information on how to access this service for both commercial and non-commercial studies below. However, If you require any further assistance, or aren't sure where to start, please contact the Study Support Service Helpdesk on or call 0113 3434555.

Commercial studies

To access this service for commercial studies, please submit your study information via our online portal at We have a range of guides to assist you in using the system.
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To discuss how the site identification service can benefit the delivery of commercial research in the NHS in England, contact your local Industry Operations manager.  

Worked with us before?

If you know what you need and how to access it, submit your study information via our online portal at


Non-commercial studies

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To access this service for non-commercial studies, including public health, social care and collaborative research, get in touch with your Local Clinical Research Network, who will work with their sites to collect expressions of interest in your study.