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2021/22 Integrated Academic Training (IAT) Competition for NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships and NIHR Clinical Lectureships

The NIHR funds clinical academic training for doctors and dentists in England through the Integrated Academic Training (IAT) Programme. Two principal classes of academic training post are allocated through the IAT Programme:
  • Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACFs)
  • Clinical Lectureships (CLs)
The ACF and CL posts are allocated to IAT partnerships comprising medical schools (and their partner Higher Education Institutes [HEIs]), postgraduate deanery functions within the local offices of Health Education England (HEE), and partner NHS organisations.

Applicants for NIHR ACFs and CLs apply to the respective host institutions that are awarded the posts, not the NIHR.

For 2021/22 the NIHR will allocate up to 125 ACFs and 50 CLs per annum (~50% of the total) to IAT partnerships in England through the IAT Competition. The 2021/22 Competition will provide a two year allocation of ACFs and CLs.

IAT Competition ACFs and CLs are based in research themes identified as priority areas by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NIHR. The research themes are multi-disciplinary in nature and cover a wide spread of potential clinical specialities. For Competition posts, whilst there is flexibility in terms of the General Medical Council (GMC) specialty in which the appointment is made, the research conducted during these posts must specifically support the research theme, and evidence of this should be provided as required. Please read the priority research themes for 2021/22.
The IAT Competition allocates funding to organisations. The IAT partnerships receive a direct invitation to apply to the IAT Competition. Those wishing to apply for NIHR ACFs and CLs in 2021/22 will need to apply to their respective host institutions in October 2020/21, not the NIHR.

For further information about the IAT programme, visit the IAT Programme page, contact or call 0113 532 8444.