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20/41 PHR oral and dental health



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  • For more information about the funding Programme, visit the PHR Page

Supporting Information

*Please note: This document is to be used as a guide and to assist with completion of the on-line application form only, for example to see how many characters are accepted in each section and how the printed complete form is laid out. Please do not try to use this as an application form, you must apply using the online form available through the links available when calls are open. You should also refer to the application form guidance notes which can be found next to the ‘Apply Now’ button.

The EME, HS&DR, HTA and PHR Programmes are all accepting applications for this funding opportunity. Please note, this is the second round for PHR.

The PHR Programme is particularly interested in research of interventions that operate at a population level and of relevance to local government. It is not calling for research of individual-level interventions.

Additionally PHR is interested in the oral health of children, how it can be improved and how inequalities can be reduced on a population level. Research teams that include relevant public health practitioners and those working in the environment/ context of the intervention are encouraged.

In order to apply you will need to carefully review the:

All research projects are expected to establish a programme appointed Study Steering Committee and it is important that you read the TSC/SSC Guidance before completing your application. Costs incurred by this committee should be included in the budget as appropriate.