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23/138 Reducing compound pressures on the NHS and social care (PHR Programme)


19 October 2023


13:00 on 12 December 2023


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Supporting Information

Please note that the Word version of the Stage 1 application form is to be used as a guide and to assist with completion of the online application form only, for example to see how many characters are accepted in each section and how the printed complete form is laid out. Please do not try to use this as an application form, you must apply using the online form available through the links available when calls are open. You should also refer to the application form guidance notes which can be found next to the ‘Apply Now’ button.

The Public Health Research (PHR) Programme is accepting Stage 1 applications to their commissioned workstream for this topic. The Programme is interested in funding evaluations of non-NHS interventions and prefers looking at those that act at a population, rather than individual, level. The Programme is particularly interested in the role of local government and the voluntary sector in the context of compound pressures. Those populations that are most vulnerable to compound pressures are of interest and should be defined carefully, with involvement of those communities in the development and undertaking of any research encouraged.

In order to apply you will need to carefully review the:

The NIHR Research Support Service (RSS) also has a specific centre focused on public health research, the NIHR RSS Public Health Specialist Centre.

Our calls are being supported by Public Health Research Applications and Design Advice (PHRADA), which is provided by the NIHR Research Support Service (RSS) across England (this was previously supported by the Research Design Service). If you would like to request support for this call, please contact PHRADA by completing their online form

Applicants, from England who have not been funded by the PHR Programme before are required to provide proof that contact has been made with the PHRADA service. 

All primary research projects are expected to establish a programme appointed Study Steering Committee and it is important that you read the Research Governance Guidance before completing your application. Costs incurred by this committee should be included in the budget as appropriate.


Any changes to these dates will be emailed to all Lead Applicants with an application in progress.

  • Stage 1 deadline: 1pm, 12 December 2023
  • notification of out of remit/non-competitive decision if unsuccessful: early January 2024
  • notification of Stage 1 shortlisting decision: early March 2024
  • Stage 2 writing window: early March to end April 2024
  • notification of Stage 2 funding decision: mid July 2024
  • earliest start date for funded studies: 1 October/1 November 2024

Please note, if a very high response is received, some applications may not be taken forward for further assessment if they are deemed to be non-competitive and/or it may be necessary to defer some applications until a later date. 'Non-Competitive' means that an application is not of a sufficiently high standard to be taken forward for further assessment in comparison with other applications received and funded by the PHR Programme because it has little or no realistic prospect of funding. This may be because of scientific quality, cost, scale/duration, or the makeup of the project team.