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NIHR Global Health Research Short Placement Award for Research Collaboration Pilot

NIHR Global Health Research Short Placement Award for Research Collaboration (NIHR GHR SPARC) Pilot (Round 1 2019) is OPEN for applications until 1pm (GMT) on 7 February 2020.
The NIHR GHR SPARC Pilot scheme funds awards of up to £10,000 per individual and allows NIHR Academy members based in the NIHR GHR Programmes to spend time in other NIHR GHR Programmes or other parts of the NIHR to network, train in a specific skill/ technique or collaborate with other relevant researchers/specialists.
The scheme is designed for early career researchers (those undertaking Masters, PhDs and postdocs) to enhance their research training experience as well as their networks, CVs and career opportunities. It is expected that the scheme will contribute to enhancing the NIHR GHR Programmes outcomes in achieving direct and primary benefit for patients and populations in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

To discover how the domestic SPARC has helped past applicants, please visit our case studies page for the domestic SPARC scheme - here.

Am I eligible for GHR SPARC?

The NIHR GHR SPARC is open to all GHR NIHR Academy Members in the NIHR Global Health Research Units and Groups, and individuals funded by the NIHR RIGHT awards who meet the following criteria:
  • Undertaking a formal training/career development award, which should meet all of the following criteria:
  1. be competitive
  2. include a training plan
  3. have a defined end point (such as an application for further funding).
  • Receive at least 25% funding from the NIHR* for salary/stipend over the lifetime of the individual’s award.

*For NIHR Global Health Research Programmes funding can be from NIHR or from an official co-funding partner. An official co-funding partner would be those institutions named as partners in the NIHR GHR Programme’s original application and/or most recent annual report as appropriate.

  • Hosted in a setting with a remit for research capacity development, i.e. the NIHR GHR Programmes.
Applicants must:
  • be in a position to complete the award between 1 May 2020 and 28 February 2021
  • have continued support from their Home Employing Institution (the institution at which the applicant is registered) for the duration of their studies (this will be the Home Employing Institution that administers their current award)
  • have the support of the Host Institution (the institution they will visit for the duration of their NIHR GHR SPARC award)
  • have the support of the UK lead institution of the NIHR GHR Programme that the applicant is part of 
The NIHR GHR SPARC is funded by Official Development Assistance (ODA) and as such an individual applying for this award must be able to demonstrate how the award will directly and primarily benefit patients and the public in countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee List of ODA Recipients (OECD DAC list).

In order to be eligible to receive ODA funding, applications must demonstrate how they meet ODA compliance criteria and outline:
  • Which country or countries on the DAC list of ODA-eligible countries will directly benefit?
  • How the application is directly and primarily relevant to the development challenges of those countries?
  • How the outcomes of the training activity will benefit the health and welfare of a country or countries on the DAC list? 
Where researchers wish to work with middle-income countries on the OECD DAC list the application should demonstrate how the research will benefit the health and welfare of less advantaged people in those countries and how their findings could have wider applicability to other low-income countries.
The candidate should also demonstrate in the application that the NIHR GHR SPARC award will support training that is not available in their Home Employing Institution.