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Policy Research Programme - Translating Obesity Research into Policy


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Supporting Information

*This document is to be used as a guide and to assist with completion of the online application form only. Please do not try to use this as an application form. You must apply using the online form in the Research Management System.

The NIHR Policy Research Programme (PRP) invites applications from existing NIHR funded research projects looking at issues relating to healthy weight, obesity, food systems, physical activity and health incentives to develop an additional work stream which provides learning for policymakers. 

The NIHR has a vast community of researchers who are generating robust evidence of potential interest to policymakers and the purpose of this call is to draw in that learning, to broaden policymakers access to high-quality, readily available, trustworthy evidence and expertise and offer a pathway to impact for researchers.

All applications must be made through the Research Management System (RMS).

For more information, please consult the Research Specification for this call (linked on the right hand side).