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Evaluating the use of the ICON programme in its purpose to prevent instances of abusive head trauma in infants



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Supporting Information

The NIHR Policy Research Programme (PRP) invites proposals for a single research project to design and deliver an evaluation of the ICON programme in England. ICON is a programme designed to prevent infant head trauma by helping parents and carers cope with a crying baby. It was developed in the United States and has been adopted in a number of areas in England.

Both an impact and process evaluation is envisaged. We are requesting a two-phase project, with a breakpoint after Phase 1. The first Phase is to design a robust plan for the evaluation of the ICON programme in England, including highlighting any limitations. Phase 2 would be carrying out the evaluation itself.

This topic can have a substantial impact on children and families and is of significant interest to policy makers and commissioners. The study offers an important opportunity to inform policy choices and decisions in this area.

Please be advised that this is a single stage (full) application process. The deadline for submissions is 08 September 2020 at 1pm.