CRP Directory

Clinical Research Practitioners (CRPs) are crucial to delivering clinical research that is transforming treatment in the NHS and the care we receive. CRPs bring a wealth of research knowledge and expertise to research delivery teams, working alongside nurses and others to deliver safe, ethical and high quality clinical research care.

CRP Directory: A Community of Practice

In October 2018, NIHR and the Academy for Healthcare Science launched the CRP Directory as a space for CRPs to be consulted and to contribute to an application seeking accredited registration for CRPs.

The CRP Directory is a community of Clinical Research Practitioners all playing a part in shaping their professional identity and practice. CRP is an umbrella title we use for a family of roles that include Clinical Studies Officer, Research Practitioner, Clinical Trials Practitioner and Clinical Trials Officer among others.

The application for accreditation has now been submitted to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), the body that sets the standards for accredited registers of people who work in health and social care. Watch this space.

Get connected. Stay updated. Shape your profession

By joining our growing community of CRPs will stay updated on our application for accredited registration for CRPs, be connected with fellow CRPs, have access to the CRP Community forum on NIHR Learn (, join CRP events and lead your own continuing professional development.

The CRP Directory is open those who are:

  • working in a research delivery role that involves direct contact with patients and activities in clinical environments or other health and social care research settings
  • not registered with a healthcare profession.

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