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Specialist learning and support

Part of our mission is to invest in world-class infrastructure and a skilled delivery workforce. We aim to encourage a research-positive culture in health and care organisations and provide support and opportunities for health and care professionals to get involved in our research.

As part of this, we have identified  key areas of innovation in research and established projects and initiatives to support development in these areas and facilitate best practice in research. These projects and initiatives focus on specialist and interdisciplinary research areas that are under-developed and require health and care professional engagement or workforce capacity building, learning and support.

Led by our Clinical Research Network, these projects bring in leadership and expertise from across the NIHR. We also collaborate with key stakeholders including several Higher Education Institutions, Professional Bodies in health and social care, as well as patients and the public.

How can we help you?

Our research innovation projects and initiatives offer health and care professionals access to a variety of specialist resources, including published reports and recommendations, learning and education tools. We also offer advice and mentorship to develop your research career as well as opportunities to get involved in our research. You can talk to one of our key experts or attend one of our networking events.

Find out more about the support and resources we offer to health and care professionals in the following areas: