Your path in research

You’ve already taken your first steps on your path in research.

To help you continue on that journey we’ve got some suggested ways you can engage more with research, supporting the ever-improving care the NHS can provide to patients.

See our four easy ways to start your research journey and the next step with just  few minutes of your time

Take your next step in research


Why is research important?

Research happens every day, right across all health and care services - from the community to acute trusts. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how important research is.  Research is critical to help discover which interventions work better for patients and ensures existing treatments are used in the best possible ways. It helps to find answers, fill gaps in knowledge and ensure best practice.

Research is...

Good for patients:

Patients value the opportunity to participate in research studies and evidence shows that those who receive care in research-active institutions have better health outcomes.

Good for you:

Best patient care is based on the best clinical evidence and many healthcare professionals say they find the experience of being involved in research studies positive and rewarding as well as helping  their career.

Good for your organisation:

You'll also be supporting your organisation, for example in Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessments of how trusts are supporting and using clinical research to improve patient care.

Four easy ways to start your research career


1. Find out what research is happening in your trust and how you can get involved

If you’re interested to know more about opportunities to support research in your organisation, or make it part of your career, a great starting place is your local research department. They can help you discover what research is taking place and ways to get involved.

Contact your local R&D team

2. Stay informed about the latest evidence in your specialty

Stay informed on practices and treatments which could benefit your patients. Get short, accessible summaries of the latest important research from the NIHR and others.

Sign-up to NIHR Evidence

3. Make patients aware of the opportunities to participate

Our ‘Be Part of Research’ website enables patients and members of the public to find out how they can get involved and help improve patient care. Pass on to your patients who may be interested.

Visit Be Part of Research

4. Learn more about research

Join our free online course and find out how medical treatments are discovered, tested and evaluated.

Join the free course

Want to go a step further and develop a career in research?

Find out how NIHR can support your career development.

You can also watch this video to hear from people who have made research part of their careers.

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