Access to expertise and collaborations

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The NIHR provides a direct route for companies to access experts and collaborations working within our world-leading NIHR research centres and within the NHS.

Our centres and experts are equipped to work in partnership with the life sciences industry. They support companies to translate fundamental biomedical research into the clinical setting, run studies in the NHS and develop new treatments, diagnostics and medical devices.

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Work with leading academic and clinical research experts

We can connect you with the NIHR's world-leading investigators who can help you to progress your early phase research studies. Through our signposting service we will help you identify the right investigators to collaborate with and can facilitate introductions and initial meetings.

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Work with NIHR collaborations for translational research 

There are several NIHR collaborations that provide ready-formed national networks of experts established to work with your company on early phase translational research. By working with our collaborations you will gain access to the UK's leading experts in specific therapeutic areas. 

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Work with our medical device, diagnostic and digital health experts 

We can help you to access NIHR expertise and get help to develop your medical device or diagnostic and generate the evidence needed to support adoption in the NHS. 

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Find out about our Specialties                                    

We bring together many of the countries leading researchers in 30 therapeutic areas, known as specialties. These national networks of clinical leadership can help you determine if your study is compatible with UK clinical practice and can be delivered successfully in the NHS. 

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Form an alliance with us to expand your R&D programme     

Our industry alliances can create opportunities to expand your company’s research and development programme by identifying potential new indications for your assets. Our alliances enable early phase testing of your therapies in new areas which are not part of your current R&D programme. 

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Run your study in the NHS                                                          

We can help you to set-up and deliver your study in the National Health Service (NHS). This includes feasibility, study set-up, right through to performance monitoring. This service applies to all studies regardless of location, study type, size, therapy or research area.