Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust; Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine

This TRC centre is composed of partners within the Imperial Academic Health Science Centre  and combines the strengths of each partner institution to create a centre of excellence in the development of new diagnostics, therapies and vaccines for respiratory diseases, where there is currently an unmet need. Work done by this centre is defined by six disease-facing work streams in asthma, COPD, chronic respiratory failure, chronic suppurative lung disease, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonary vascular diseases.


The partner organisations within this centre have extensive infrastructure underpinning experimental medicine research, including a Phase I Clinical Research Facility, an NIHR Clinical Research Facility for Respiratory Disease, a world leading MR/pan London PET and MRI imaging centre, Imanova and an embedded MRC Clinical Sciences Centre

To complement the infrastructure available, clinical services offered by the partner organisations, with significant contribution from the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust,  include  Europe’s largest cystic fibrosis clinics (900 patients; both adults and children), as well as Europe’s largest interstitial lung disease service (~5000 patients). Other patient cohorts include: COPD database of approximately 900 patients and ~2400 patients (both adults and children) with severe asthma and allergy.

This centre has contributed to six asthma and ILD studies delivered through the R-TRC, including recruitment of patients, academic expertise, and linkage to industry partners.

Leading academic expertise

Led by Professor Peter Barnes FRS (COPD), other expertise includes:

Asthma - Professor Kian Fan Chung, Professor Ian Adcock, Professor Seb Johnston, Dr Louise Fleming, Dr Omar Usmani and Dr Trevor Hansel

Cough - Dr James Hull

Interstitial Lung disease - Dr Toby Maher, Professor Athol Wells, Dr Elizabeth Renzzoni

COPD - Professor Wisia Wedzicha, Professor Louise Donnelly, Professor Michael Polkey, Dr Patrick Malia and Dr Sarah Elkin

Cystic Fibrosis - Professor Eric Alton, Professor Andrew Bush, Professor Jane Davies, Professor Stuart Elborn and Professor Uta Griesenbach

Respiratory infections - Professor Maria Zambon

Immunology of the lung, vaccinations - Professor Peter Openshaw

Pulmonary artery hypertension - Dr Samuel Kemp and Dr John Wort


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