Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust; The University of Nottingham

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and The University of Nottingham bring expertise in multidisciplinary translational respiratory research and imaging. This centre focuses on phenotyping cohorts of patients with all severities of asthma, COPD, IPF and cystic fibrosis to facilitate mechanistic clinical trials and biomarker discovery and validation

The Nottingham partnership has made translational research a priority and in 2015 was the joint best performing NHS Trust nationally in League 1 for research approvals and completion of clinical studies on time.


This TRC Centre has received a £26m award in 2017 to its continued development of the NIHR BRC & CRF facilities. Since 2009, it has recruited 4573 patients in 66 clinical research studies (70% Phase I/II), and built a biobank of 124,000 biological samples from recruited patients. Imaging expertise includes CT, MRI and hyperpolarised MRI.

This TRC centre has large well-phenotyped patient cohorts in IPF (n=550), asthma (n=700), lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM; n=150), cystic fibrosis (n=400), and COPD (n=500). The centre is working on the development of new cohorts in bronchiectasis and non-IPF fibrosis.

In addition to patient cohorts, expert research sponsorship and management services are provided by the Nottingham Health Science Partners Centre currently hosting 150 methodological and research support staff in addition to a 200 strong research nurse workforce.

This Centre currently hosts the Chair of the Respiratory TRC, Professor Tim Harrison.

Leading academic expertise

Led by Professor Tim Harrison, this centre has expertise in:

Asthma - Professors Tim Harrison, Alan Knox, Ian Hall and Dr Dominick Shaw

Imaging - Professor Ian Hall

COPD - Dr Charlotte Bolton

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - Professors Richard Hubbard and Gisli Jenkins

Rare lung diseases - Professor Simon Johnson and Dr Andrew Fogarty


Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit