Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; University of Oxford

Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Oxford have strengths in the development of new treatments for respiratory diseases through experimental medicine programmes and studies in stratification of lung diseases.


This TRC centre has strong partnership with the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine which houses world leading immunological, stem cell and computational biology expertise and methods. This partnership underpins the centre’s ‘molecule to Phase I clinical trial pipeline’ and together with the Respiratory Clinical Trials and BRC Theme, the Centre fosters the concept of enhanced clinical trials with data-rich, low patient number clinical trials.

The TRC academic lead for this centre, Prof Ling Pei Ho, also leads the Translational Lung Immunology programme at the MRC Human Immunology Unit within the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, and works closely with Prof Ian Pavord and Prof Naj Rahman from the Respiratory Academic Department and Respiratory Trials Unit, to support the centre’s aim of bringing therapeutic targets to clinical trial. The centre also has particular strength in asthma, pleural and Interstitial lung disease clinical trials and research studies. There are well established patient cohorts and specialist clinics for asthma, IPF, sarcoidosis, pleural diseases, bronchiectasis, adult cystic fibrosis, lung cancer and COPD.

Leading academic expertise

Led by Professor Ling-Pei Ho, other expertise in this centre includes:

Inflammatory Airway Disease - Professor Ian Pavord (NIHR Senior Investigator)

COPD - Professor Mona Bafadhel (NIHR Postdoctoral Fellow)

Pleural Infection - Professor, Najib Rahman (Lead for Respiratory for NIHR CRN Thames Valley & South Midlands LCRN)


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