University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust; Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust; The University of Manchester

This centre uses ‘P4 Medicine’ to: prevent disease, predict disease progression, personalise treatment pathways, and empower patients to participate in their healthcare. Within the context of respiratory medicine, the centre will optimise treatment of common respiratory diseases by enabling precision medicine. Work done by this centre includes:

  • Extending existing COPD pheno and endotyping by stratifying treatments based on blood and sputum biomarkers
  • Validating cough measurements for use in early phase clinical trials


This centre is a member of the ABPI MRC stratified initiative in COPD, and has extensive infrastructure to deliver experimental medicine research, including:

This centre is world-leading in challenge models for asthma, and has extensive expertise in biomarker research and validation (part of the COPD biomarker qualification consortium subgroup working with the FDA on biomarkers in COPD).

Manchester was a founding member of the TRC, and hosted the Chief Investigator (CI) for the first Phase II study within the respiratory TRP (novel PDE4 inhibitor for COPD treatment, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, Italy).

Leading academic expertise

Led by Professor Dave Singh, other expertise includes:

COPD - Professor Jørgen Vestbo and Professor Geoff Parker

Cough - Professor Jaclyn Smith and Professor Ashley Woodcock

Asthma, including severe asthma - Dr Stephen Fowler, Dr Rob Niven, Professor Paul O’Byrne and Professor Angela Simpson


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