University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust; The University of Leicester

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and the University of Leicester bring expertise in determining the mechanisms of susceptibility and progression in asthma and COPD. This focuses on investigating the genetic basis of lung function and airway disease traits to identify asthma and COPD novel therapeutic targets and pheno/endotypes in order to inform the development of clinically useful biomarkers.


This TRC centre has the largest number of acute respiratory admissions at a single site in the UK and runs the largest non-invasive airway inflammation service in the world for clinical service (>1000 samples/year and >1500/year clinical trials). The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust hosts a clinical research facility which includes 10 outpatient rooms and a four-bedded unit for overnight stays and has the largest respiratory physiology unit in the UK.

This Centre has successfully led a TRC Phase II study in Tralokinumab, recruiting the first patient into the study and ensuring overall recruitment to time and target. Currently the Centre is also leading on work packages 2 and 4 of the MRC-Severe Asthma Stratified Medicine Consortium RASP-UK.

Leading academic expertise

Led by Professor Chris Brightling, this Centre has expertise in: 

Asthma - Professors Peter Bradding, Andrew Wardlaw, Salman Siddiqui and Chris Brightling

COPD - Professors Mick Steiner, Mike Morgan, Sally Singh, Rachael Evans, Neil Greening and Chris Brightling

Inflammatory Lung Disease - Professors Bibek Gooptu, Peter Bradding and Dr Felix Woodhead

Genetics of Lung disease - Professors Martin Tobin and Louise Wain

Phenotyping and biomarkers - Professors Salman Siddiqui, Chris Brightling, Paul Monks

Lung infection and TB - Professors Mike Barer, Drs Pranab Haldar and Gerrit Woltmann

Paediatrics - Drs Erol Gaillard and Caroline Beardsmore


Leicester Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit