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NIHR Clinical Research Network offer to the life sciences industry

From feasibility to performance monitoring, this leaflet provides a summary of the free, holistic research delivery service provided by the NIHR Clinical Research Network that life science companies will receive when bringing a clinical trial or study to the UK. 


Case study: Medtech - Healum - digital healthcare solutions

This case study describes how the NIHR Clinical Research Network is supporting a SME (Small Medium Enterprise) medtech company to pilot an innovative digital solution that enables healthcare professionals to empower, support and motivate patients with diabetes to make healthier lifestyle choices and better manage their disease.

Case study: Collaborating to deliver cures for hepatitis C

Collaboration is a key feature of the UK clinical trial environment. This case study describes how, by working together with clinicians, academics, life-science companies and charities, the NIHR Clinical Research Network is supporting the drive to optimise treatments for hepatitis C patients through a stratified approach. 


Case study: Delivering medical technology research

This case study outlines the Clinical Research Network's service offer to medical technology companies and includes testimonial content from satisfied customers.


Case study: Delivering real world research - The Salford Lung Study

This case study describes how the Clinical Research Network contributed to the success of GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Salford Lung Study which is considered the first study of its kind globally – a large, prospective, real-world trial conducted across a patient population within a single geographical setting.


Case study: Delivering medical device research - The Light Mask

This case study describes how the Clinical Research Network's helped to get the CANDLE study up and running across 18 sites in England.

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10 reasons why you should deliver your biosimilar clinical trial in the NHS

Bite size information describing why you can place your biosimilars trail in the UK with confidence.


Delivering commercial contract research in the UK

A brief introduction to the NIHR Clinical Research Network