PPI / Ageing

The two themes of these articles are patient and public involvement and ageing.

The patient and public involvement focused articles explore the importance of patients playing an active role in every stage of the research process and how we capture the valuable information they have. The other article within this theme looks at a variety of NIHR studies being undertaken to improve the quality of life for our ageing population.

Two older women chatting

Walking in my shoes – patient insight informs research delivery

Patients are increasing being asked to play a more active role in clinical research to improve delivery and patient experience. We discover how two initiatives in the south west are reaping the rewards of patient involvement.

Making patient feedback a key research activity

Patients, carers and the public are essential to our work. Without them clinical research could not happen. It is therefore paramount that patients have a positive research experience. They are also more likely to stay engaged in research and advocate taking part to others. We explore a recent pilot survey which is shaping how patient feedback is collected in the future.

Shining a light on ageing research

Ageing research is of vital importance to the NHS and to society as a whole. As we enjoy the benefits of living longer, research into ageing takes on a greater significance and most medical issues now arise in older age.