Pledge to be part of research

Current pledges: 517

International Clinical Trials Day takes place on 20th May each year, and to mark it the NIHR is launching a new campaign called Be Part of Research. We want patients, carers and the public to pledge their support for health and care research. Take part, tell others about opportunities, and spread the word . 

On this page we encourage you to read about what you can do, then click the Pledge button below to commit your support. Together we can change the future of research.

  • Share the following message of support on your social media account: Click on the grey box, then press Ctrl+C or right click the highlighted text and select copy, before pasting to a new post on your preferred account.
Health and care research improves lives. We can all #BePartofResearch . Pledge your support and show that it matters to you by visiting
  • Use our social media card: We've prepared this image for you to use on social media.
  • Add a Twibbon to your social media profile: Go to the Twibbon page to overlay the Be Part of Research logo on your social media account profile picture.

Order printed materials: visit our online shop to order free printed materials to help spread the message.

Talking to people about research really helps. You could:

  • ask your GP or healthcare professional about opportunities to participate in research
  • suggest a friend takes part in research
  • run a local event to raise awareness

Discover local research studies: Find out about research into any condition or disease area so that you can take part.