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Biologic medicines have revolutionized the treatment of many serious and chronic illnesses in the NHS. However, they are very expensive to develop and manufacture and, as a result, costly for the NHS to provide to patients. As the patent protection for a number of leading biologic drugs is about to expire, the race is on within the life sciences industry to develop lower cost versions - known as biosimilars.


With the promise of a smaller price tag, biosimilars medicines will play a major role in ensuring the sustainability of our globally renowned public healthcare system. They will also broaden access to cutting edge treatments, and bring new hope to patients who currently don’t quite meet the current biologics prescribing thresholds. 'Focus on biosimilars' will explore some of the key questions associated with unlocking the potential benefits of biosimilar medicines in the NHS including:


• Why should the life science industry companies bring their clinical trials to the UK?
• Why should NHS health professionals support clinical trials of biosimilar drugs?
• Why should patients consider taking part in a clinical trial or switching programme?

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This feature zooms in on Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust. Hear the local team describe their passion for biosimilar clinical trials.

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Over 800 research-ready clinical investigators have expressed an interest in delivering biosimilar clinical trials in EnglandLearn more about our scoping exercise.

Biosimilars in the NHS event

In October 2017 we brought together key opinion leaders and company representatives with a special interest in biosimilar medicines. Video content from the day is available here.

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Visit our biosimilar information page to find out more about biologic and biosimilar drugs and to access links to a variety of other useful resources.

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