The 1980s

Around 4,500 lives are saved each year through cervical cancer screening. This is being made ever more effective thanks to the use of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing, which research has shown increases the effectiveness of screening.

Professor David Barker revealed the association between premature birth or low birth weight and the occurrence of hypertension and coronary heart disease in middle age. These findings had significant implications in increasing the focus on in utero health.

Oesophageal doppler monitoring (ODM) is a minimally invasive way of monitoring a patient's blood flow during #surgery to make sure they're getting enough oxygen. Following pioneering research at UCL, NICE recommends its use.

Parkinson's disease affects around 1-2% of people aged 75 and over. It's thought 1-10% of people with the disease could benefit from Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), a technique discovered by Professor Aziz in 1989 and approved by NICE in 2003.