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Nursing and Midwifery is such a rewarding career. Of course, as you advance through your career and look to make the most of your skills, to grow and develop yourself, or to make room for changes in your life such as having a family, you may seek new opportunities. Here at the National Institute for Health Research we are looking to help Nurses and Midwives understand the next step in their career; learn a little more about how rewarding a career as a research nurse can be; and know if research is the next career opportunity for them.


Here in our hub, learn how research nurses have time to spend with their patients, and how research is crucial to caregivers and clients alike in order to achieve best practice. Discover how you can be involved in the process of finding new treatments and improving patient care, and how a career in research nursing and midwifery will help you use your critical and analytical thinking in a new way. Start by choosing your situation below:



Are you a Nurse or Midwife looking for a change in direction?

Are you a Nurse or Midwife returning from a career break, eg to have a family? 

Are you a Nurse or Midwife retiring soon but keen to continue working?

Learn what's required to change to a research role

In our  email series learn what's required to take your existing skills and transfer into a research role. In 6 emails, over 2 weeks, we will:


1. Introduce you to people, just like you, who have changed to research careers
2. Introduce you to what clinical research is all about
3. Allay any fears about research nursing - its about good, clinical care
4. Invite you to participate in some free, short courses that are required to work in research
5. Give you the opportunity to shadow a research team in your local trust for a day
6. Tell you how you can join a bank, or find current research roles to apply for


You don't necessarily need a background in research to get a research role and in these emails I will guide you through some things you need to know and build your confidence. We will keep you on the database to notify you of future research careers information.


- Helen Graham, Associate Director of Nursing, Nursing and Midwifery Research Careers

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