The winner of the 2017 NIHR Let’s Get Digital competition photo category is Dr Bob Phillips, NIHR Post Doctoral Fellow based at the University of York. 

The winning photo is one of Bob, a researcher, and Ruddi, who at 6 months old was a participant in a clinical trial Bob ran. It’s a powerful image demonstrating how important research is and, in this case, the lasting relationship that has followed.

Expert judge Marc Lucas, Director at Lucas Media UK, said:

"A smiling child shows a wonderful representation of the benefits of research and its successful outcomes. Both Bob and Ruddi have a genuine smile and knowing the story behind the photo makes it better understood. It's authentic, simple and captures emotion".

Dr Bob Phillips, NIHR Post Doctoral Fellow and winner of the photo category of the competition, said:

"I'm delighted our photo has been chosen! I think paediatric oncology and haematology have grown up in a tradition where research is 'business as usual' and the researchers are the doctors and the nurses and the physios and the OTs and the speechies and psychologists and pharmacists ... everyone! We're all working together to beat the dragons of childhood cancer, and knowing our patients as people, and them knowing us the same way, is part of what makes it so effective"

Bob’s photo was one of five shortlisted entries, all of which were reviewed by an expert judging panel and subject to a public vote.