Researcher's perspective

Dr Ellie Barnes

Dr Ellie Barnes is a key researcher in the hepatitis C field and a member of the Network’s Hepatology Specialty. For her, working in this area is extremely exciting because the advent of new all oral drugs and the development of vaccines against HCV mean that there is now a real prospect of achieving global eradication of the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

She currently heads-up a collaborative project called STOP HCV which brings together clinicians, academics, scientists, and the life-sciences industry. It aims to optimise treatments for HCV patients by working out who is going to respond to which of the new therapies best and by giving drugs for just the right amount of time – which is crucial to ensure that these drugs are affordable to the NHS in the future. This approach is called stratified (or personalised) medicine and marks a further step-change in HCV treatment.

Ellie describes how Gilead’s BOSON study fits into this picture and how this new, novel way of working is helping to beat hepatitis C. She’s a champion for true collaboration in every sense of the word.

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