Flyer for CRN Eastern and Age UK Suffolk Big Chinwag Health Research and You event Ipswich November 7

‘Big chinwag’ about NHS research gets Eastern region talking!

Date: 11 October 2017

Teams from the NIHR and Age UK Suffolk are gearing up for a ‘Big Chinwag’ in Ipswich this November and everyone is invited to join them!

‘The Big Chinwag: Health Research and You’ is being held at The Avenue Theatre, Gippeswyk Avenue in Ipswich from 11am to 3pm on Tuesday 7 November. Entry to the event is free for all and it promises to be a relaxed and interesting day.

Traditionally an Age UK event, this special ‘Big Chinwag’ aims to get people talking about NHS research, how they can get involved and how it is helping to improve health care.

As well as enjoying a complimentary afternoon tea-style lunch, attendees can hear from people who have taken part in health research to help find new treatments, as well as the doctors and nurses who work in research at NHS hospitals and GP surgeries in the area.

Discussion topics will include research happening in dementia, fractures and falls, and diabetes, and will highlight how public involvement has been central to developing better treatments and care for patients.

One of the contributors taking part is Keith Crofton whose wife, Pat was diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2014. Since then, the couple have been involved in several studies and their experiences have led to Keith becoming a dementia research champion for the NHS.

Keith said, "If it hadn’t have been for people getting involved in research the drugs Pat’s on now wouldn’t exist, so our involvement is about future generations too. I'm really looking forward to giving people an idea about what it all involves over a cuppa on the day!"

All are welcome to come along for the day or simply pop in for a cup of tea and a friendly ‘chinwag’ with the NHS experts and other people interested in health research.

To book your free place either:

  • Register on the Eventbrite website at or
  • Feel free to call our Patient and Public Involvement team on 01603 287670, leaving your name and telephone number or
  • You can email your contact details to Anne in the team at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) at


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    Teams from the NIHR and Age UK Suffolk are gearing up for a ‘Big Chinwag’ in Ipswich this November and everyone is invited to join them!
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