CRN Greater Manchester Core Delivery Team ready to support all study types across the region

Date: 31 January 2019

The first meeting of the NIHR CRN Greater Manchester Core Delivery Team was held at the organisation's Citylabs headquarters on 29 January 2019. 

The new-look team consolidates our Research Nurses, Clinical Studies Officers and Research Practitioners into a comprehensive unit which is ready to support the delivery of studies in all specialty areas across Greater Manchester.

During the meeting on Tuesday the team reflected on challenges and successes of the past year, including their role in the recruitment of more than 65,500 participants thus far in 2018/19.

They also discussed the team strategy for the coming year, which will include delivering another wave of the MENCAR study from the beginning of March.


The CRN Greater Manchester Core Delivery Team


With input from each individual, the team worked on developing a ‘team vision statement’ which will be formalised and included in the CRN GM annual plan.

The team also heard from Chief Operating Officer Debbie Vinsun, Research Nurse Manager Mona Fareh and Workforce and Development Lead Mary Speake. The plan is for the team to come together to meet twice a year.

Mona said: “It was fantastic to bring our entire core delivery team together in one room to talk about what we have done well and to discuss our vision for 2019/20.

“With this team in place, we have a skilled workforce that is flexible and ready to work across all specialty areas in our region, providing support to all research teams.

“It’s going to be another busy year, but everyone is looking forward to the challenge and keen to continue the fantastic work that has seen us smash our current target.”

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    The first meeting of the CRN GM Core Delivery Team was held at our Citylabs headquarters earlier this week.
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