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CRN Wessex CRSL Vacancies

Date: 18 February 2019 to 05 April 2019

The two year tenure of the clinical research specialty leads listed below expire on

31 March 2019.  We are inviting applications from existing post holders or other interested clinicians.


Division 3

  • Reproductive Health

Research Delivery Manager: Jocelyn Walters

Divisional Clinical Lead: Saul Faust

Closing date:  18 March 2019                  Interview date: TBA


Division 5

  • Health Services and Delivery Research

Research Delivery Manager: Alex Jones

Divisional Clinical Lead: Chris Edwards

Closing date:  18 March 2019            Interview date: TBA


Division 6

  • Respiratory

Research Delivery Manager: Clare Rook

Divisional Clinical Lead: Dave Pogson

Closing date: 18 March 2019            Interview date: 3 April 2019


Application process 

The CRSL job description is available to view alongside additional information about the role


  1. Applications are invited for the above CRSL roles
  2. Please contact the relevant divisional clinical lead or research delivery manager for further information if required
  3. Information about this vacancy will be disseminated widely across the network and partner organisations
  4. The application process requires applicants to submit a curriculum vitae and supporting statement 
  5. Please send your application to by the advertised closing date


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