CRN Wessex prepare for launch of LPMS-CPMS interface project

Date: 12 April 2019

CRN Wessex are currently preparing for the ‘go live’ link between the network’s local portfolio management system (edge) and the central portfolio management system. The core team have tailored preparations to the care setting where the activity would take place, taking into consideration that some settings will have previously had no local system to record their research activity.

In secondary care, R&D representatives were first informed of the upcoming changes required for research activity during the capacity and capability stage of the project around 18 months ago.  They continue to be kept up to date on the progress of the LPMS-CPMS project at quarterly face to face study support meeting and through other communications.

The CRN Wessex core team have taken the ‘edge pledge’ to wherever possible use the system in place of existing internal spreadsheet trackers or other databases. As part of this wider migration each site’s profile, study support service activities and expressions of interest in new studies are now being recorded within edge.

Within primary care, one central  edge system administered by the CRN Wessex division 5 team has been introduced. Individual edge instances will be made available to any practice that requests additional functionality including reporting and custom databases, but the initial approach is to keep it as simple as possible for anyone new to the system.

The CRN Wessex core nurse team have been trained on recording research activity for the studies they support and to date the network’s business intelligence (BI) manager has trained 50% of sessional practices on how to record research activity. All sessional practices will have received edge training in the first quarter of 2019/20, along with any others that are interested in using the system.

For non-sessional practices that decide they do not want to use edge, weekly prompts will be sent to practices to add their recruitment data via a Google form. This form is hosted on a primary care website that is dedicated to the community in Wessex. The alternative route was chosen as all practices are familiar with completing Google forms to express their interest in new studies to the division 5 team.

The Wessex team have set-up a new non-NHS instance of edge to record any activity which is not supported by an NHS partner organisation. This has since been updated with all open projects, sites and recruitment activity dating back to April 2017. The choice to use edge or a Google form to record recruitment at non-NHS sites will depend on level of activity at the parent organisation.

Wessex continues to share and adopt best practice and preparation tips ahead of the go live date. This includes monthly teleconferences with four CRNs in the South of England to update on respective progress, networks approaches and plans shared regularly via the Google platform.

As the network approaches the project launch, future steps will include:

  • A requirement to record research activity either via edge or Google form in the 2019/20 primary care RSI criteria. An email communication to this effect has been cascaded from the division 5 team to practices.
  • A central training session hosted by CRN Wessex for practices when visits are not possible or if larger groups require training. This may be extended to secondary care and non-NHS organisations and will be managed via CRN Learn with the support of our workforce lead.
  • Two assistant portfolio managers leading on the delivery of training to sites in primary care through their practice visits, having shadowed edge training sessions by the BI manager.
  • Training on the non-NHS instance taking place with all divisional teams in the next Wessex portfolio managers’ meeting.

To find out more about research activity and how it will be recorded please watch this short video:

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    CRN Wessex are currently preparing for the ‘go live’ link between the network’s local portfolio management system (edge) and the central portfolio management system.
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