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How we can help you find your path in research


Evidence shows that research active trusts have improved outcomes for patients, as well as improved staff morale, recruitment and retention. To support improved patient outcomes there is a need for health and care professionals to become more involved in research and expand their knowledge. The NIHR is today announcing the start of an exciting new campaign, Your Path in Research, which coincides with the birthday of James Lind. The campaign aims to inspire health care professionals to get more involved in research.

James Lind is famous for conducting the first ever clinical trial while serving as a surgeon. His experiment on board the HMS Salisbury in 1747 showed that oranges and lemons were a cure for scurvy.

Your Path in Research recognises that everyone providing or supporting care in the NHS uses clinical research, but not everyone is aware of how to incorporate it on a daily basis.

This new campaign will give health and care professionals an opportunity to learn more about the research that can directly impact their everyday work, by highlighting a variety of ways they can take their first or next step in their research career. 

William Van’t Hoff, NIHR Clinical Director for NHS Engagement, said:

“There is now good evidence that research-active hospitals provide better care for patients. But, during a busy day on the wards, research may not seem like a relevant priority. This campaign shows that, with the right tools and support, everyone can play a part in supporting research and that integrating it into our routine work is good for patients and good for ourselves.”

Cheng Hock Toh, Academic Vice President at The Royal College of General Practitioners said: 

“Encouraging more clinicians to become involved in research is critical as this will support improved patient outcomes. 

“This NIHR campaign can play a crucial role in providing information to clinicians across the country highlighting the simple, practical steps they can take to become involved in research.”

If you are a healthcare professional interested in starting or continuing your path in research, find out more by visiting our Your Path in Research page.

We’ll also be sharing information on our NIHR social media channels:

Twitter - @NIHRresearch and @NIHRcommunity

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