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Meeting Health Needs of East Midlands Population Through Research

Date: 16 May 2019

For 2019/20, the Clinical Research Network (CRN) East Midlands is allocating c£400,000 to focus on meeting the health needs of the local population through research.  This is not a specific funding call, but an opportunity to identify and target resource to deliver research which shows a demonstrable link to regional health/disease.

Various information is available in relation to health needs across the East Midlands, these include:

This project will be led by our Clinical Leaders and Senior Managers, who will liaise with colleagues to support ideas which show a demonstrable link to regional health.  We are seeking to identify ideas that are innovative, clearly considering the needs of people across the East Midlands and have a proposed impact, linked to CRN High Level Objectives, that can be measured and evaluated.

The focus will be on new approaches and innovations rather than those that are business as usual activity.

We are asking for all proposals by the end of May 2019, so would encourage you to get in touch to discuss your ideas at the earlier opportunity.

For more information, please contact one of the below:

Clinical Leads

Name   Specialty/Position Email 
 Professor Srinivasan Madhusudan  Clinical Research Lead, Division 1
 Professor Jonathan Barrett  Clinical Research Lead, Division 2
 Dr Julian Barwell  Clinical Research Lead, Division 3
 Professor Martin Orrell  Clinical Research Lead, Division 4
 Professor Azhar Farooqi OBE  Clinical Research Lead, Division 5
 Professor John de Caesteker  Clinical Research Lead, Division 6

Research Delivery Managers & Operations Managers

 Name Specialty/Position  Email 
 Hannah Finch  Research Delivery Manager, Divisions 1 & 3
 Penny Millward  Research Operations Manager, Divisions 1 & 3
 Harpal Ghattoraya  Research Delivery Manager, Divisions 2 & 5
 Harriet Savage  Research Operations Manager, Divisions 2 & 5
 Karen Pearson  Research Delivery Manager, Divisions 4 & 6
 Kate Gilmour  Research Operations Manager, Divisions 4 & 6

Senior Managers

Name  Position   Email
 Kathryn Fairbrother  Deputy Chief Operating Officer
 Dan Kumar  Industry Delivery Manager
 Roz Sorrie-Rae  Operations Manager (Study Support Service)
 Michele Eve  Workforce Development Lead and Well-being Lead
 Goizeder Aspe Juaristi  Business Delivery Operations Manager


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