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New funding announced for research in to non-communicable diseases


The UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) has announced a second £25 million investment into research that will help to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs.)

NCDs -  illnesses that can’t be passed from person to person, such as heart disease, obesity, poor mental health - pose a significant burden to the UK. They account for around 89% of all deaths and result in large economic costs to health and social care systems and to the wider society. Diverse and complex factors and systems operate together to influence NCDs. Recognising the need for large-scale, multidisciplinary solutions for the prevention of NCDs, 12 major funders of health research, including the NIHR, have partnered to invest over £50 million in the UKPRP to improve population health, and reduce health inequalities, through the primary prevention of NCDs. The vision is to generate new knowledge on actionable, sustainable and cost-effective ways of modifying the upstream systems and environments which influence NCDs in the UK.

This funding call comes after an initial £25million was invested in NCD projects by the partnership, which ranged from studying school food systems and their effects on the quality of children’s diets to identifying health considerations in urban planning.

The aim is that this second call, which will be launched on 3 September 2019, will encompass research in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, obesity, ageing and the urban environment, amongst others.

In order to gather new knowledge and fresh approaches to preventing NCDs, the UKPRP is keen to engage a range of disciplines, including those that have not traditionally been involved in NCD-prevention research, in the second funding round. We would welcome applications from research teams including expertise from outside of what is generally perceived as the public health arena: for example, engineers, geographers, architects, designers, systems scientists, transport planners, lawyers and linguists. Proposals could be led by researchers from these disciplines and/or be in partnership with disciplines typically involved in population health research but should be co-produced with users to deliver proposals that are relevant to policy and practice.

Information and Networking Event – 24 September 2019

An information and networking event will be held in London on 24 September 2019 to communicate the priorities of the second call; to describe the application process; and to provide opportunities for networking between researchers across academic disciplines, and with end users to explore research collaborations.

We are inviting expressions of interest from both research academics and users to attend this information and networking event. While attendance at the event will not be essential for applying to the call, we encourage you to submit your interest to do attend. Presentations and other materials from the event will be made available online to support all applicants in preparing their outline applications.

For further details about the project and how to apply to attend the event on 24 September 2019 see: