Two sides

New two sides campaign promotes public involvement in research

Date: 14 February 2017

The NIHR is launching a striking new campaign urging patients and the public to get actively involved in health and social care research, which affects the lives of millions of people.

Featuring an iconic split face image, the #twosides campaign highlights ways for people who aren’t medical or academic professionals to make their voices heard. Links are offered to opportunities to share patient and carer experiences and ideas for making a difference to the health and wellbeing of families, friends, colleagues and communities.

The campaign was developed by a mixed focus group of public contributors and staff from across NIHR. The group rapidly homed in on the problem of raising awareness of the opportunities to contribute to health and social care research, and continued to provide insightful feedback through the design process. 

Amanda Roberts a Public contributor member of the focus group said "This poster visually demonstrates that patients, carers and the public are integral to health research.  It has been fascinating to see how our thoughts coalesced into this graphic concept over the course of the project."

Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director for Patients and the Public and Chair of INVOLVE said 'I am delighted to see the NIHR adopt this impactful and innovative new poster campaign.  It shows that when people from different perspectives come together to co-produce an idea, the result can be both fresh and exciting but also very simple and effective in its message. I hope that NIHR colleagues and our NHS, charity and other partners will display these striking posters in public spaces and at events and meetings to raise awareness about the big part played by the public in making world-class research happen'. 

The campaign webpage signposts people to opportunities to get involved with suggesting research topics, participating in studies, serving on study groups and ethics committees and providing comments on research applications.

Visitors can also download and print A4 and A3 or order free A2 versions of the posters to display in their community centres, schools, workplaces, GP surgeries and other public places to spread the word.

You can join the Twitter and social media campaign using #twosides. During February the NIHR blog will feature stories from patients and members of the public who are involved in research.

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    The NIHR is launching a striking new campaign urging patients and the public to get actively involved in health and social care research which affects the lives of millions of people.
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