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NIHR Global Health Research Programme call for expert reviewers

Date: 10 October 2017

Following the success of the NIHR 2016/17 call for Global Health Research Units and Groups, we are inviting a second round of applications from existing specialist academic groups who wish to expand into the field of global health. These are intended to be multi-disciplinary groups, led by a specialist academic group at a UK university or research institute in collaboration with partners in ODA-eligible low and middle income countries (LMICs) on the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list. The research will be directly and predominantly relevant to improving the health needs of patients and the public in these countries.

The NIHR are seeking experts to become peer reviewers for these applications to help identify the strongest ones for funding. We are looking for people working at a senior level who would be able to comment on the importance, potential impact, quality and deliverability of the proposed programmes of work. We are particularly keen to invite experts based in LMICs, but if you are based in a non-LMIC and are working in any area of global health research we are also keen to hear from you.

The timelines are set out below. If you would be interested in signing up to hear more about this important work, please email .

Call close: 20 October 2017

Applications sent to reviewers: Week commencing 30 October 2017

Deadline for comments: 17 November 2017

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    The NIHR are seeking experts to become peer reviewers for global health applications.
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