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NIHR launches first open dataset - its funded research portfolio


At the NIHR we have a vision to fully embrace the potential of digital technology in everything we do. Working closely with the Open Data Institute (ODI) we have published our first licenced open dataset - our funded portfolio of research. This makes our data accessible all in one place (rather than from separate NIHR centres), providing a single source of up-to-date, accurate and reusable data. The dataset, which has been accredited by the ODI, contains research awards funded by NIHR which were active at any time on or after 1st April 2011.

The publication of this data supports our commitment to transparency as well as providing multiple other benefits. This release streamlines access to our information for researchers, clinicians, decision and policy makers, allowing more informed decisions to be made which can improve patients' lives. Stakeholders will be be able to use and analyse our data to identify gaps and priorities in the funding landscape as well as viewing comprehensive NIHR-wide data. This development will also allow us to respond faster to parliamentary questions and FOI requests enabling us to be more efficient as a funder.

More details on the benefits we see in unleashing the power of health research data are also available in a short video with Richard Dudley, Chief Data Officer, NIHR Centre for Business Intelligence, who led this cross-NIHR project as part of the first phase of the NIHR Digital Programme which accelerated the implementation of the NIHR Digital Strategy

The funded portfolio dataset is available from NIHR's Open Data site, along with details of future data releases.