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NIHR Senior Investigator appointments announced

Date: 20 March 2017

Following the tenth annual NIHR Senior Investigators competition, 50 Senior Investigators have been appointed to the NIHR College of Senior Investigators for 2017, 41 new and nine current or previous award holders. The total College now stands at 200 Senior Investigators.

Emeritus status was given to 39 researchers making a total of 93 NIHR Emeritus Senior Investigators. This is a considerable achievement, given to holders having succeeded twice in open competition completing two terms as a Senior Investigator.

NIHR Senior Investigators are fundamental to the NIHR Faculty and include some of the country’s foremost researchers, making the most outstanding contribution to clinical and applied health and social care research. Senior Investigators are able to occupy their positions for no more than two terms, in order to ensure turnover.

An independent expert panel chaired by Professor Melanie Davies advised on the appointments, which are made according to criteria of:

  • quality and volume of internationally excellent research
  • its relevance to patients and the public
  • impact on improvements in healthcare and public health
  • research leadership
  • contribution to the NIHR
  • engagement of patients and the public and engagement of healthcare policy makers and planners with their research.

Full details on appointed Senior Investigators and Emeritus Senior Investigators are available on the Senior Investigators Directory.

  • Summary:
    Following the tenth annual NIHR Senior Investigators competition 50 Senior Investigators and 39 Emeritus Senior Investigators have been appointed.
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