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Opportunity to speak to NHS researchers in Reading town centre

Date: 17 August 2018

The public will be able to learn about NHS research and how to get involved at an information stand in The Oracle, Reading on Thursday 30 August.

Research assistants and nurses will be at the stand from 9.30am to 4.30pm on the upper level of the shopping centre, next to the entrance of Debenhams.

The staff from the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Berkshire’s GP practices will be available to talk about research studies taking place in Berkshire.

The information stand has been organised by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which supports research into areas such as dementia, diabetes, injuries, reproductive health and mental health in the NHS.

Patients and healthy volunteers are often asked by the NHS if they wish to take part in studies.

This could involve trials of new drugs and medical devices, questionnaires or patients giving consent for their medical records to be used in research.

Studies currently taking place in Berkshire include:

  • A study that examines how GPs and nurses can best help people who continue smoking when they have developed smoking-related illnesses, such as heart and lung disease.
  • A trial into treating a collapsed lung with a portable device which attaches to the chest and can be worn outside of hospital.
  • A study into whether a patient and carer skill sharing intervention improves long-term patient wellbeing following hospital treatment for anorexia.
  • A trial into giving anti-HIV medications to people without the condition to see if they can stop them from developing it.

Prof Belinda Lennox, Clinical Director for the NIHR Clinical Research Network Thames Valley and South Midlands, said: “Research plays a vital role in tackling the biggest healthcare challenges that we face today– including heart disease, cancer and mental illness.  

“We need the public’s help to guide what research we do and to take part in trials and studies. It is only with their help that we are able to understand the causes of illness, and develop the life-saving treatments of the future.”

Patients are encouraged to ask their doctor about research opportunities and view trials seeking volunteers at The UK Clinical Trials Gateway at

For further information email or call 01865 227252.

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    The public will be able to learn about NHS research and how to get involved at an information stand in The Oracle, Reading on Thursday 30 August.
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