Amanda Tortice

Research Matters: new 'resolutions', reaching out to primary care and a departure...

Date: 28 January 2019

Hello everyone,

The time for new year’s resolutions has passed, but as a Network we always resolve to improve at every opportunity.

To that end, our recent mid-year review meeting - so-called because our business year runs alongside the financial one - gave us a couple of areas to focus on. The first of these was our recruitment to time and target, and the second, ensuring we input our recruitment data directly onto our portfolio management system.

The contract of our host trust, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, will soon be rolled out to every single one of our partners (in other words, the GP practices and CCGs across the patch that we work with, alongside the existing contracts with our key partner trusts) and we’re also asking partners to contribute to a survey on the performance of the host trust. We’ll be looking at this survey through the mechanism of our partnership group meetings, where we meet senior colleagues from our partners, and we will be encouraging feedback.

We’ve submitted our Network workforce strategy too, which will be approved by our executive group (essentially a mixture of senior colleagues from our host trust and our organisation), before going on to NIHR’s central team for approval.

On the ‘out and about’ front, I attended a Dementia Research Day hosted by our Dementia Clinical Lead, Professor Esme Moniz-Cook, in Leeds earlier this week. It was great to see so many primary care staff there, in particular. There’s a real desire amongst that population to get involved in research, which is really heartening.

I’d just like to share with everyone the news that our Communications Officer, Ben, is leaving towards the end of February. His guidance in all things ‘comms’ has meant a great deal to me and I’m sorry to see him go.  He will be almost impossible to replace – there can be only one! – but we genuinely wish him all the very best for the future.  I hope and am sure that our paths will cross again – the world of NHS research is quite small.

On a personal note, although I’m writing this a few hours before Burns Night, I’ll actually be off to another Celtic country, Ireland, to celebrate my partner’s milestone birthday soon. It’ll be a good chance to refresh before we get into the ‘business planning’ stage of the financial year. I know as a Network we’ll meet the challenge head-on.

Take care everyone,


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