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The balancing act: How patient engagement can improve recruitment and retention


This month we are talking about our new patient engagement service for the life sciences industry. The second of four blogs (with video) is now available in which Dr William van’t Hoff explains how the service is helping to balance the ‘ask’ of research with the burden of disease.

The Patient Engagement in Clinical Development Service is a new initiative. The primary aim of the service is to bring patients and life science companies together earlier in the clinical development process, before a study protocol is finalised, so that patients can help companies to make commercial clinical trials as patient-friendly as they can be.

In the blog Dr van’t Hoff says:

“As a paediatrician and a researcher I really see, and experience, the challenge of conducting clinical trials with children. There are many factors which influence the family’s decision whether or not to take part, but I would say that first and foremost we need to  ensure that the ‘ask’ of the research is balanced with the burden of the disease. The new NIHR patient engagement service is bringing patients and life science companies together to help achieve that balance.”

Read the full blog (with 3 minute video).

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