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Wessex welcomes the expertise of two new reproductive health and childbirth specialty leads

Date: 05 December 2017

CRN Wessex is delighted to welcome two new specialty leads who have recently been appointed to the Reproductive Health and Childbirth specialty – Professor Vanora Hundley and Professor Ying Cheong.

With their combined experience of working and researching in the field of reproductive health and childbirth, they bring expertise and enthusiasm to put Wessex’s research on the map.

As a Professor of Midwifery at Bournemouth University, Vanora Hundley is an internationally recognised midwifery researcher, having written approximately 100 peer-reviewed research articles on pregnancy, maternity care and midwifery. She has led a range of studies in the field of reproductive health, both in the UK and internationally, and conducted one of the first randomised controlled trials of midwife-led care, which forms part of the Cochrane review of birth settings.

When asked about her priorities for the new specialty lead role, Vanora explains: “I would like to see more ‘home grown’ reproductive health and childbirth studies in Wessex, particularly in midwifery. We have been very successful in developing a range of clinical studies through the HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme, which has included our clinical academic doctorates. The next step is to develop larger interdisciplinary research studies that showcase the expertise of midwives and other colleagues in Wessex.”

As Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Southampton, Ying Cheong will be joining the network as a specialty lead for a second time, this time as a role share with Vanora. Ying specialises in reproductive surgery, as well as the management of a wide range of gynaecological problems such as recurrent miscarriages. As a co-founder of the Complete Fertility Centre Southampton, Ying has helped to treat hundreds of patients with fertility problems. Her research interests include the development of new medical devices which can be implanted into the womb to help us understand and improve the success of a pregnancy.

As specialty lead, Ying is looking forward to opportunities for greater collaboration with colleagues across Wessex: “I think the important thing is to meet new people, get new ideas, to be able to know what everyone’s experiences are, and work together with them to try to make the whole network much more vibrant. That’s what I’m looking forward to- it’s the communication, the collaboration and the improved understanding of the whole system. So new people, new projects, new ideas.”

For both Vanora and Ying, the importance of research lies in being able to provide the best possible care for the mothers and babies that they look after, which is their top priority as specialty leads. The pair will continue to work on a number of projects to raise the profile of reproductive health and childbirth research, better integrate research with practice, and ultimately improve patient care.  

They can be contacted on or

Read the full interviews with Vanora and Ying


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    CRN Wessex is delighted to welcome two new specialty leads who have recently been appointed to the Reproductive Health and Childbirth specialty – Professor Vanora Hundley and Professor Ying Cheong.
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