What You Said: What does research bring to your Practice or Trust?

Date: 13 March 2019

Rebecca Woodington and Spencer Blackwell put the delegates of the 2019 CRN WE Primary Care Research Scheme Initiative event on the spot...

Tracey Leaper, Mendip Vale Medical Group

“For me personally it’s about helping healthcare in the future. I find it really interesting as part of my job role and as a practice we’re really keen on research.”

Dr Matthew Ridd, University of Bristol and Portishead Medical Group

“Evidence based medicine, clinical cost-effective practice, and ultimately better care. I think it helps practice clinicians in keeping up to date in terms of what is and isn’t evidence based. For patients, even if you end up in the usual [standard] care arm of a trial, there’s good evidence to show they benefit from the attention they receive from being part of a study.”

Dr Alan Carroll, Hartwood Healthcare

“When we get the results back on studies, like the BATHE study, it really helps direct what we do day-to-day in the surgery. It’s also good for the patients, because they like the idea of being involved in research. It looks good that we participate, and for some of the studies general practice is the best place to answer their questions.”

Heather Tinkler, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust:

“One of the main benefits for patients is that it gives them another option. It’s empowering for them and it gives them a chance to do something that they might not normally be able to do.

I think one of the great things that one of our research staff report back on is that when we see patients for research studies, we’re often asking them a lot of questions that aren’t normally asked, and I think the patients really appreciate the extra care they might get from taking part in research projects.”

Debbie Redfern, Charlotte Levell, Jen Miles, Monks Park Surgery:

“Research means to us staff development, better patient care, deeper understanding and knowledge, and growth within the practice.”

Fiona Goodchild, Frome Valley Medical Centre:

“It’s good for the patients because we’re exploring different ideas to help their conditions, and it’s good for the practice because it brings in some revenue.”

Dr Jane Goram, Frome Valley Medical Practice:

“I think the patients really like it because they realise we’re taking their condition seriously and it gives us new ideas of ways to treat them either now or in the future.”

Dr Andrew Smith, Combe Dow Surgery:

“Thinking about research makes our work more interesting.”

Dr Diane Marson, Cleevelands Medical Group: (with Dr Richard Gracie in photo)

“I think research is useful so we have evidence as to what is actually useful; we want to be a benefit to our patients, and if we find out what treatment and management is useful to our patients it’ll save us a lot of time and it’ll mean we’re serving our community better.”

Chris Sanna, Dorothy House Hospice:

“Our research really has got to innovate our practice and ultimately lead to better patient care.”

Karen Webb, Miltas Ltd.:

“I think research brings an opportunity to have more learning and development to our service. It’s a really good opportunity to include residents and staff in creating the type of environment they want to live and work in.”

Rebecca Parker, Sue Ryder:

“For us research means that we can provide the best care for our patients at the most difficult time of their lives.”

Natasha Davies, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust:

“With regards to research I believe it does give patients access to otherwise not readily available treatments and access to medication they wouldn’t ordinarily get.”

Jebin Tomy, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust::

“I think research is quite important because it means we’re at the cutting edge of medicine and we’re bringing new and improved treatment to patients and I think in the long run it improves patient care.”


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