Making a difference stories

Making a difference story content generation

The cross-centre group, currently Kelly Lockhart (NETS), Helen Jaques (CCF) and Ben Lingard (CRN), are responsible for ensuring that stories covering a breadth of NIHR research are refreshed on a rolling basis, with at least one published per month, preferably, two. Through internally-agreed touch-points during monitoring processes, links with the NIHR Impact group, links with LCRNs, the Annual Report working group and Campaigns and Press Office groups and other comms activities, suitable story ideas are identified and added to the pipeline.

Content Generation

A story narrative is developed by the cross-centre group or through delegation within their teams, and new content is created or re-worked from case studies developed by the Impact Group (where they exist), or by working with research teams to generate suitable content to write the story. In order to make the content suitable for publication on the NIHR website, it is accompanied by visual content such as patient videos, infographics, images and animated graphics, produced in-house.

Publication to

Until the new NIHR website launches, publication of the Making a Difference stories sits with the NETS Comms team. A new workflow will be developed as part of the website project to fall in-line with the overall management of the new site and the processes for editorial quality assurance and approval.

Promotion and dissemination

Once a story has been published, the author should consider promoting through the below NIHR comms channels (not limited to) and details added to the dissemination and scheduling sheet.

  • @OfficialNIHR Twitter (using #NIHRmakingadifference and #NIHRimpact, and the image template)
  • NIHR News and Research newsletter (add to the content exchange)
  • LinkedIn (if relevant)
  • YouTube (if appropriate)
  • Internal comms at respective centres


See writing resources.