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Welcome to the NIHR sitekit support pages

 Please note: Some of the screenshots , videos  and instructions may refer to the previous site layout until this can be updated

This area provides help and support for those who need to create or add content to the NIHR website using the SiteKit CMS.  It includes detailed instructions and videos on common tasks. These instructions have been divided into the following areas to make it easier to find:

 If you come across something that has not been covered please email us your suggestions at

Guiding Principles

  • All pages should be concise and clear and include a page metadata summary
  • Where possible pages should be supplemented with graphics, pictures and relevant links
  • Pages should be well structured, using headings and subheadings (i.e. H1,H2) to break up the text
  • Hyperlinks should describe the destination of the link rather than using the url in the text.
  • Images should all have Alt text that describes them

There is more detailed guidance available when using images in the images checklist and on adding documents in the documents checklist.