We are committed to raising the profile of ageing research. Maintaining a high profile is key to generating and attracting more ageing research studies, including life-science industry sponsored projects. To date we have done this in a variety of ways, for example:

The Ageing Specialty Group has representation from NHS regions in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Many of our members are nationally and internationally recognised opinion leaders and are experienced Principal Investigators who have participated in advisory boards at national and international levels.  

We focus on promoting health, preventing illnesses and improving treatments for older adults. Our mission is to have a beneficial impact on quality of life by ensuring that older people have the opportunity to know about, and participate in relevant clinical research studies, especially those looking at age-related diseases and disabilities.

We support and promote research in the following areas:

These areas are unique to the Ageing Specialty, but in addition, we add value to studies led by other specialties, for example in the areas of dementia, stroke, heart failure and osteoporosis, by working closely with our colleagues from across the Network to deliver high quality ageing research.