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Working with the Life Sciences

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Anaesthesia has been enormously successful in integrating clinical research into NHS clinical service provision, and both developing and delivering a large practice changing portfolio of clinical trials. 

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As the most integrated clinical research system in the world, the NIHR supports research studies through our funding programmes, training and supporting health researchers, and providing world-class research facilities. We also support dialogue between the life sciences industry and charities to benefit all, and facilitate the involvement of patients and the public to make research more effective.

Last year (2016/2017) the NIHR supported 92 studies on Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management. The NIHR supported these studies through our funding programmes and our research schools and units. We also support Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management research through our research infrastructure and our training and career development awards for researchers.

Patient controlled sedation for surgery

New research, funded by the NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme, will develop hardware and software for a technology that will allow patients themselves to administer doses of intravenous sedation whenever they feel nervous on the operating table.

At the touch of a button, patients will be able to individualise their experience of surgery by putting them in control of how awake or sleepy they want to be. The technology may also allow for swifter recovery times by reducing exposure to side effects of sedation drugs.

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